What is tinnitus


Tinnitus  is a sound in the ears or head that is not coming from an identifable source. Tinnitus is a phantom sensation of sound. Historically, tinnitus has been thought to reside solely within the inner ear but, more recent studies have linked chronic tinnitus to abnormal electrical activity in the neurons auditory pathway of of the brain. 

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Tinnitus treatment


Therapy depends on the severity of the disorder. In all cases it is recommended to go through a basic diagnostic work-up which should include tinnitus and hearing profiling. It is also important to receive  Instructive counseling and sound therapy. The general rule for all tinnitus patients is AVOID SILENCE. Additional therapies are novel transcutaneus vagal nerve stimulation (tVNS) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in cases of acute tinnitus (and hearing loss).


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Evaluation of tinnitus severity

Not all tinnitus needs to be treated. Therefore, it is important evaluate how severe your tinnitus is. We use global tinnitus severity (GTS) questionnaire with which you can roughly estimate the severity of your tinnitus.  After you get your score we can advise you how to proceed.  

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